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We work closely with the best machine shops and protective coating firms to provide a fully finished casting to our customers. We believe that having the foundry in charge of the entire process, including sub-contracting the work to quality value added vendors, ensures that your finished castings are of the highest quality and ready for assembly at your plant. Let us save you cost and handle the headaches for you!

Benefits of One Vendor for casting and value added services:

  • Eliminate freight to machine/paint shop
  • Eliminate additional packaging requirements at the machine/paint shop
  • Reduce potential scrap factor (both in casting and machining)
  • Eliminate raw inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce paperwork processing in dealing with multiple vendors
  • Improve lead times

Customers nowadays often prefer to purchase fully machined castings available for assembly directly from LETH IRON. This prevents the inevitable problems of dealing with separate foundries and machining facilities and makes our company the prime vendor responsible for a finished casting. This arrangement can save the customer significant overhead costs and time.


A unique partnership with 2 local subcontracting machine and paint shops enables LETH IRON to provide our customers with fully machined and/or painted castings ready for assembly. Both of these facilities offer modern CNC facilities employing the latest machining technology to meet your most stringent requirements. This frees up the customer from the headaches of dealing with both foundries and machine/paint shops, and allows you to concentrate your efforts on what you do best ... manufacturing your own equipment!

LETH IRON can also supply plating, heat treatment and sub assembly to further enhance your end product...the ultimate in one stop shopping.

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