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LETH IRON was established in 1898 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada as a metalworking business providing many services to the burgeoning coal mining industry in Lethbridge. Over the past century the company has narrowed its scope of business, becoming an industry leader as a jobbing iron foundry supplying iron castings to various customer segments throughout North America.

Still located in Lethbridge after more than 120 years, the company currently operates a modern production foundry of over 110,000 square feet on 7 acres in the city's industrial park. The facility was constructed in 1975 and has been expanded 6 times since. Numerous capital projects have been undertaken, outfitting the foundry with modern, automated high production equipment in all departments. An ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance Program ensures castings consistently exceed customer specifications.


Our original company objectives are as true today as they were when
George Davies first put them into print:

  • To provide our clientele with competitively priced ferrous castings of the highest quality commercially available.

  • To lead and grow in selected markets by serving the needs of present and future customers more efficiently.

  • To produce earnings to provide long term growth, stability and continuity.

  • To provide incentive and growing opportunities for employees.

  • To develop and maintain a loyal, efficient, aggressive organization composed of employees who believe and have confidence in their company; to whom work is satisfying and to whom extraordinary accomplishment is a personal challenge. We expect each employee to achieve their highest potential and level of performance in their job.

  • To conduct our relationship with suppliers honestly, expecting maximum value and quality for goods and services rendered.

  • To take our place as a respectable corporate entity and as good citizens in the community.

720 32nd Street North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 5K5
ph: (403) 329-4242
fax: (403) 327-1131