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If you are a casting buyer who is viewing our website for the first time, you are probably asking yourself "why should I buy from LETH IRON?" Listed below is our "Top Ten" list of reasons you should be purchasing your iron casting requirements at Lethbridge Iron Works.

  • More than 120 years of quality and service as an industry leader in North America

  • ISO 9001 registration since 1998 ensures world class castings of the highest quality available each and every time you place an order

  • Modern, automated, high production equipment in all departments allow us to efficiently handle volumes of any size

  • On-time deliveries are a reality at LETH IRON...not just a promise

  • Spare capacity is planned and ensured by timely equipment installations & technological advances in conjunction with our long term philosophy of normal production shifts of 8 - 12 hours per day (allowing us to easily ramp up during our customer's busy periods)

  • Just as we are a leader in the foundry industry, much of our customer base are leaders in their industries, and they choose to deal with LETH IRON due to our superior service, quality and delivery - we won't let you down

  • Lead times are a source of frustration for many casting buyers, but at LETH IRON our lead times are often much shorter than our competitors due to our modern equipment and spare capacity

  • The company is a fourth generation family business which prides itself in its longevity and its satisfied customers

  • There is no substitute for experience and knowledge ... we have the long term employees that do provide our clientele with castings that meet and exceed specifications

  • Competitive prices provided to experienced casting buyers have allowed us to forge long term relationships with customers who no longer seek competitive bids ... perhaps the greatest compliment a customer can pay us


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ph: (403) 329-4242
fax: (403) 327-1131