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John Davies Letter
Welcome to LETH IRON

LETH IRON was established in 1898 and we have been growing and improving ever since.

We take great pride in our company and the service we provide to our many loyal customers. From raw castings to fully machined and painted parts ready for installation on your equipment, we are your single source iron casting provider. Our continuous capital improvement program ensures we are at the leading edge of foundry technology. Robotic finishing, automated production systems, short lead times, and a highly motivated group of employees produce iron castings of the highest quality available, ensuring that we can meet your expectations the first time, and every time.

I thank you for considering LETH IRON as your iron casting partner.

Give us a try, I guarantee you will be pleased you did. Our reputation speaks for itself ... ask around!

John Davies, P.Eng. MBA

720 32nd Street North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 5K5
ph: (403) 329-4242
fax: (403) 327-1131