Leth Iron operates a greensand foundry using 6 automated horizontally parted moulding machines.

2 Hunter 10 Automated Moulding Machines

  • 14″ x 19″ mould size
  • Casting weights from 0.5lb to 35lbs
  • Up to 120 moulds per hour with automated mould handling

3 Hunter 20 Automated Moulding Machines

  • 20″ x 24″ mould size
  • Casting weights from 3lbs to 75lbs
  • Up to 100 moulds per hour with automated mould handling

1 SPOmatic Automated Moulding Machine 

  • 32″ x 44″ mould size
  • 26” total mould height
  • Casting weights from 20lbs to over 500lbs
  • Up to 60 moulds per hour with automated mould handling


Leth Iron produces all cores in-house. Our range of equipment allows us to make everything from the smallest pin core to large gearbox cores weighing hundreds of pounds at full production volumes.

  • 2 Laempe LL10 automated cold box cells
  • 1 Laempe LB25 automated cold box cell
  • 1 dual-station Harrison Half-turn shell core machine
  • 1 Twin-Blo shell core machine


  • 4 Foxall 424FS robotic grinding cells
    • 24” x 15” working envelope
  • 2 Foxall 636FS robotic grinding cells
    • 36” x 25” working envelope
  • 12 traditional pedestal grinder stations
  • A dual-station Vulcan 30 variable speed grinder



2 – 3,200 lb Inductotherm coreless induction melt furnaces

Each on it’s own dedicated 1500 kW power supply


44,000 lb Ajax channel furnace

1000 kW power supply

Quality Assurance Equipment

Our quality assurance process is thorough and ensures that no product leaves our Foundry unless it is of the highest quality. Some of the equipment we use to ensure we deliver quality every single time includes:

  • Tensile test-bar machining and pulling equipment
  • Stationary and mobile hardness testing equipment
  • Polishing equipment and microscopes for microstructure analysis
  • A full-service sand lab
  • Automated at-silo sand compactability testing equipment
  • FARO Quantum S 7-Axis SMM with Laser Probe HD
  • Gantry style CMM
  • 2 SPECTROMAXx Arc/Spark spectrometers
  • Metal flow and solidification analysis software

Additional Equipment

We also operate 2 Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS), multiple 3D printers, and an internal pattern shop.