“Our success is driven by relationships with our employees, our customers, and our suppliers”

  • Core Purpose:

    • To provide long term growth and stability for generations


    Core Values:

    • Be Even Better
    • Greater Good
    • Unique Customer Experience
    • Authentic Relationships
    • Engaged Employees


    Core Competency:

    • Relationships


    Core Offering:

    • Consistent, repeatable, high quality, complex greensand iron castings


    Core Value Proposition:

    • Consistency
    • Repeatability
    • On-time Delivery
    • Engineering Assistance
    • Ability to React to Customer Needs
    • Depth of Knowledge
    • Ability to Supply Finished Castings


The company objectives set by 2nd generation owner George Davies are as true today as they were when he first put them into print:

  • To provide our clientele with competitively priced ferrous castings of the highest quality commercially available.
  • To lead and grow in selected markets by serving the needs of present and future customers more efficiently.
  • To produce earnings to provide long term growth, stability and continuity.
  • To provide incentive and growing opportunities for employees.
  • To develop and maintain a loyal, efficient, aggressive organization composed of employees who believe and have confidence in their company; to whom work is satisfying and to whom extraordinary accomplishment is a personal challenge. We expect each employee to achieve their highest potential and level of performance in their job.
  • To conduct our relationship with suppliers honestly, expecting maximum value and quality for goods and services rendered.
  • To take our place as a respectable corporate entity and as good citizens in the community.